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  • 2014

    Aug. Factory expansion : 115Bungil 40 Jangyuro Kimhae (Area 2,040 Pyung/Floor area 1,138 Pyung)

  • 2013

    Jan. Establishment of R&D center

  • 2010

    Aug. Extension of office building

    Nov. Purchase of Factory 2 : 2,230㎡

  • 2007

    Apr. Factory expansion : 1,310㎡→2,644㎡

  • 2005

    Jun. Establishment: Processing and Surface treatment of forging

    Oct. Factory registration

Key performance

  • 2018

    02. Patent Registration (No. 10-1834727)

           Cold forging of asymmetric ball nut for actuator

  • 2017

    07. Participated in R & D technology development project of local main industry

  • 2016

    Jul. Smart ICT Convergence plant construction project completed
    (Gyeongnam Creative Economy Innovation Center)

  • 2015

    Feb. Certified as Hyundai, Kia motor’s SQ

    Mar. Built MES Computer system

  • 2014

    Jan. Acquired TS16949 and ISO14001 certification

    Mar. Appointed as exemplary small business (Busan bank)

    May. Localization of tooth mold and mass production

    Nov. Registered as a partner of Hyundai Wia and started trading

  • 2013

    May. Performed defence products national project (R&D center)

  • 2010

    Sep. Acquired ISO9001 (Kiwa Chermet)

  • 2009

    Sep. Certified as a venture company
            Appointed as a promising small business (Busan bank)

  • 2006

    Aug. Certificate of CLEAN Workplace (Ministry of Labor)

  • 2005

    Sep. Registered as a partner of Hyundai WISCO and started trading

Capacity expansion

  • 2018

    02. Introduced 1,000 ton knuckle press (Russia Voronezh)

  • 2017

    12. Introduction of Conveyor Type Shot Machine (Kyungdong Shot Machine)

  • 2016

    Jul. Introduction of 400ton Knuckle press (Komatsu, Japan)

    Aug. Introduction of 800ton(long) Knuckle press (Komatsu, Japan)

  • 2015

    Mar. Introduction of 300ton Hydraulic precess (Muller, German)

    Sep. Introduction of 800ton Knuckle press (Komatsu, Japan)

    Nov. Introduction of 2500ton Knuckle press (Voronezh, Russia)

  • 2014

    Jul. Knuckle press 1,600ton, 400ton 2 units/ Expansion of 2 film 1LINE vitro thermal processor

    Aug. New installation of environmental facilities (Atmosphere 2, Wastewater 1) and short machine

    Sep. Add 1 630 ton Knuckle press

  • 2013

    May. Add cold forging 2LINE(CF-2, CF-4)

  • 2012

    Mar. Add cold forging Knuckle press 400ton

    Jul. Add cold forging Knuckle press 630ton & 800ton

  • 2011

    Mar. Add film automatic 2LINE

    Apr. Add cold forging Knuckle press 600ton

    Jul. New installation of environmental facilities (Atmosphere, wastewater treatment facilities)

  • 2009

    Nov. Add film automatic 2LINE